Rebuild Process

Our Rebuild Process

When a grinder supervisor notices increasing production bottlenecks or rising maintenance costs, their first question is likely about the operational efficiency of the grinder. 手册 & CNC grinders are complex machines, and diagnosing a problem requires specialized training. At Seminole Machinery, we know grinders inside and out. Diagnosing, repairing and rebuilding grinders and components has been our passion for over 40 years.

CNC grinders can malfunction in various ways. Grinders may start consuming excessive energy or use more lubricant than necessary, which can create unnecessarily high cycle times or product irregularities. Most malfunctions can be remedied with a grinder rebuild. We know a good rebuild can cost a fraction of a replacement machine and provide most of the benefits.

Not only can you see, feel and hear evidence of the superior operation afforded by a rebuild; it may not be long before you begin to realize the secondary benefits, such as improved productivity and less downtime for maintenance. If your 手册 or CNC grinder consistently malfunctions, a grinder repair or rebuild may be the best solution. Enlisting a qualified grinder expert is important. When you choose Seminole Machinery, the rebuild process is detailed and comprehensive, beginning with the evaluation.


Our skilled customer service team collects information about the problems that led to the grinder rebuild. We can help isolate the sources of the problem and begin compiling historical information pertinent to the rebuild process. Data on the machine’s original design, workload, and productivity can provide important direction.

Our machine specialists assess your operational goals and determine which areas to prioritize. Your performance expectations drive the process. Our job is to develop creative solutions for your grinder problems and use the latest technologies to return your machine to its optimum level of functioning.


Your grinder rebuild begins with an in-depth analysis, including documenting the status of the following systems:

  • Hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Grinding and stock-removal mechanisms
  • Computing components and displays
  • Coolant delivery system and lubricant nozzle functioning
  • 工具 components and mechanisms
  • Electrical and voltage efficiency

During the analysis, Seminole machine specialists strip your 手册 or CNC grinder down to its most basic elements and carefully clean every surface. Finally, the components are refinished and repainted for added protection from wear and tear.

Repair and Replacement

A successful grinder rebuild requires a trained eye to discern which components can be reused and which are compromised and needing replacement. Wherever possible, our technicians will clean and reuse functional, undamaged parts.


When each component of your 手册 or CNC grinder has been inspected and cleaned, we meticulously reassemble each section of the machine using existing and replacement parts. Our extensive in-house inventory of new and used grinder parts allows us to keep our prices down and easily replace damaged components with functional ones.

Once the grinder is reassembled, our technicians test every system to ensure maximum performance. The customer may be involved in this part of the grinder rebuild. We want your new machine to meet not only your specifications but also your expectations. 

Delivery and Support 

When your grinder is ready for delivery, we return it to you in like-new condition. Seminole provides complete documentation of the rebuild process, the parts replaced and the total scope of the work completed. Our decades of experience and dedication to customer service set us apart in our industry. We are available to assist with the reintegration of your rebuilt grinder and to answer any questions you have down the line.

If you’ve been noticing production bottlenecks, sluggish turnaround times or other CNC grinder problems, it may be time to consider a grinder rebuild. Seminole Machinery leaves no stone unturned in diagnosing the problem and presenting a solution that meets your specification and accommodates your budget. We hope you will give us the opportunity to show you why we are known for our work quality, our unsurpassed customer service and our competitive prices.